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Dan Zitofsky

Dan joined the Navy after graduating high school and served as a Hospital Corpsman for four years. After leaving the Navy Dan decided to start a new career in public service as a Police Officer for the NYPD. He was on Street Crime,  Organized Crime Control Bureau, Task Force and Patrol Investigative units during his time with the NYPD. Dan was also in building 2 on September 11th, 2001.​


Dan went on to help turn around several Mortgate Brokerages in Staten Island to become top performing offices. He was able to find inefficiencies in the way the office was run, identify the solutions and implement change. Running the district similar to a multi million dollar business has proven to be extremely effective for success.  


In 2004 Dan moved to Delaware with his wife, two daughters and son. He started his own Real Estate Investment company here in Middletown called, Zitofsky Capital Management, which helps revitalize the neighborhoods bringing clean safe housing to the community and driving economic growth with taxes and community spending. 


Since living in Delaware, Dan has gone on to become very involved in MOT Football and Baseball as a coach. He has also contributed to the community by helping the March of Dimes, Special Olympics Delaware, Blue Gold, the Food Bank of Delaware, the American Cancer Society and Easter Seals. Dan just recently was approached to become a board member for a charter school as approved leader in business and financial education. 


Dan is looking forward to meeting all constituents of the 8th district as he sees problems with our education system, tax increases and the safety in his community. To learn more about Dan , please explore the site and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.