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The education of our children is a topic that Dan is passionate about. After living in the 8th District for over 14 years Dan has seen the level of education go downhill as taxpayers continue to spend more each year. He knows that there are many ways we can spend our money more wisely when it comes to education. He believes that instead of building college campuses we need to build schools that will meet the needs of our children. Spending on technical programs leading to job growth which will enable families to support themselves comfortably is a major issue in our platform. We're bringing jobs to the MOT area but there is still a margin of income and the ability to afford comfortable living standards. Dan has already been speaking with educational programs with ideas of bringing more training for LPN programs in the state which will bring salaries in line with the demands of living in the state. Student transportation has been a major concern for student safety which is not a difficult task to rectify if funds are used correcly. The money we save can be directed towards helping teachers buy school supplies and renegotiating the transportation contracts so we can ensure our children arrive safely to school each morning. We need to assess the school security at this time with all the copycat shootings happening around the US. Funds need to be appropriated to the security of each school as the safety of our children is paramount

Government Spending

Since Dan has been a resident of Delaware, I’ve seen steady tax increases in the state while programs have been reduced or removed from schools where needed. One example of this was the measure passed last session that increased the Real Estate Transfer tax from 3% - 4%. This was a measure that halts economic growth. Dan believes our government needs to help foster economic growth. The current administration believes taxing their way out of debt (400 Million) is the way to fix this economy. I’ll work hand in hand with each department to cut unnecessary spending across to board. 

Infrastructure and Community

In Middletown the plans for new infrastructure projects have been approved without the consideration for roads and traffic. Dan knows many residents of Middletown would rather drive out of town to shop for their goods. This is hampering local businesses here in Middletown from thriving like they should. Dan moved to Delaware for the quality of live and the current leaders of the state show no regard for the impact of their decisions on the citizens of the state.